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“Art is not about thinking something up.

It is about the opposite—getting something down. The directions are important here. If we are trying to think something up, we are straining to reach for something that's just beyond our grasp, 'up there in the stratosphere, where art lives on high...'

When we get something down, there is no strain. We're not doing: we're getting. Someone or someone else is doing the doing. Instead of reaching for inventions, we are engaged in listening. Art is an act of tuning in and dropping down the well."

- Julia Cameron




The Styled Content Bundle

  • How to style outfits that will enhance your vision
  • Where do I get my ideas for shoots? How do I begin planning and thinking about the visuals?
  • Building out a set doesn’t have to be complicated
  • What camera gear and film stocks I shoot with and why
  • The mindset shift that will move you towards creating the “dream” imagery that you feel incapable of creating yourself
  • Why Pinterest boards don’t actually help you execute your vision…and what does
  • How to gather your dream team of vendors/brand collaborators
  • Using my approach to emails to transform your outreach pitches, planning process, and shoot day experience
  • How I build a Call Sheet and why it is an integral, repeatable part of my process
  • What is a storyboard? Why do I need to be creating them?
  • Step A-Z all the way through planning process to the final album of images
  • The secret to pitching yourself for collaborations

Here’s the kind of things you will learn from Blake:


Be equipped to book your ideal clients and work on projects that excite you and align with your vision.

Have expert insight and every necessary tool to create portfolio-worthy work that showcases exactly and entirely who you are.

Be able to visually communicate the work that you do and want to do more of.

Have a jumping-off-point for getting inspired and creating original ideas.

Know what is holding you back logistically so that you can step into your full potential.

Be able to create for fun again, without any of the stress.

After the guide to styled content bundle, YOU WILL… 


- Amanda gillian

His approach is intensely intentional and his brain works in such a unique way that somehow allows him to tell the most beautiful yet human stories you've ever seen.

I've never seen a single thing that Blake has styled, directed or photographed that doesn't elicit the deepest emotional response. This is all so deeply tied to how Blake approaches his own life and friendships, to know him is to be seen by him and to learn from him is a true gift.

"There are people who you meet that are just undeniable artists, before anything else. Blake is one of those people."

- gabe conover

As creative business owners, we often overwork ourselves, which leaves us little time to create intricate systems and workflows...especially for our creative processes and visions.

All of Blake's digital products have helped me get back on track and improve the areas of my business that were falling short. I'm so thankful for these guides and for Blake's intentional detail in creating them.

"Blake's templates and tools have been a life saver in keeping me organized and efficient."

My brain loves the bullet point format which makes it easy to digest and more enjoyable to read! These guides are beyond helpful.

Blake is clearly very knowledgable on this subject and I’m so happy I have access to a small part of his big brain!! I can’t wait to start applying all his tips and tricks to my next styled shoot!

"My favorite part is that they are straight to the point."

- Bianca Dueno

- Brooke Taelor 

To dream a beautiful concept comes naturally for most artists. To take that dream and make it a reality from the nitty gritty to actualization requires a finer set of skills and determination. 

In Blake's Guide to Styled Content, he outlines an exact, replicable and insightful process that will set you up for success and give you more time to create. Even as a seasoned artist and photographer, I enjoyed Blake's guides and took away valuable information!

"Even as a seasoned artist and photographer, I enjoyed Blake's guides and took away valuable information!"

- rachel Leiner

Styling and planning shoots can often be daunting. Between balancing coordination and prepping creatively, there’s a lot to keep in mind! Art can only be spontaneous when there is adequate planning involved. So, if you’ve been struggling to bring your photoshoot visions to life, these guides are the perfect place to start! 

"Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newer photographer, Blake’s guides provide amazing insight into his dynamic workflow."

- Have the roadmap you need to get from A-Z in your styled content. 

- Get the email templates that will help you communicate effectively with each and every one of your collaborators.

- Gain access to the planning tools that will help you visualize and specify everything you need for your shoot. 

- All this - a $299 value - bundled together for just $199.

Walk away with every tool you need...