The A-Z Styled Content Roadmap

This document is your starting place to read a 1, 2, 3 step by step process of how I think the planning process when approaching a project or shoot concept, for passion projects or for client work where I have been hired to execute a specific vision.

Think of this as a simplified, straight and to the point reference guide as you begin planning your own creative shoots.

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  • Your pdf guide to the styled shoot planning process
  • My ten steps to help you from inception to the reality of your styled shoot.
  • Tips on brainstorming, reaching out to collaborate with vendors, organizing a team, the shoot day, and beyond! 


"Blake's templates and tools have been a life saver in keeping me organized and efficient."

As creative business owners, we often overwork ourselves, which leaves us little time to create intricate systems and workflows...especially for our creative processes and visions.

All of Blake's digital products have helped me get back on track and improve the areas of my business that were falling short. I'm so thankful for these guides and for Blake's intentional detail in creating them.

- Execute your vision with our expertly crafted styled shoot roadmap.

- Elevate your styled shoot approach with our comprehensive and strategic roadmap.

- Achieve your creative potential with our in-depth roadmap designed to help you create styled shoots from the ground up.

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Walk away knowing every step of your process...

Send email out to vendors and companies pitching collaboration.


Create a strategic
mood board.


let your mind run wild.


Think about why you are creating this shoot.


Get a peek at where you'll start...



It's never too late



the shoots you




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"There are people who you meet that are just undeniable artists, before anything else. Blake is one of those people."

His approach is intensely intentional and his brain works in such a unique way that somehow allows him to tell the most beautiful yet human stories you've ever seen.

I've never seen a single thing that Blake has styled, directed or photographed that doesn't elicit the deepest emotional response. This is all so deeply tied to how Blake approaches his own life and friendships, to know him is to be seen by him and to learn from him is a true gift.


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