The Styled Content Email Templates

Bring your styled shoot to life with our poetic email templates and meaningful connections. These are email templates that I’ve created over time based on my past experiences with gathering a team of collaborators and communicating thoroughly to execute a vision. Use these fully customizable templates to create strategic emails in your own brand voice fulfill your vision with a personal touch.

Styling and planning shoots can often be daunting. Between balancing coordination and prepping creatively, there’s a lot to keep in mind! Art can only be spontaneous when there is adequate planning involved. So, if you’ve been struggling to bring your photoshoot visions to life, these guides are the perfect place to start! 

"Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newer photographer, Blake’s guides provide amazing insight into his dynamic workflow."

- rachel Leiner

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- Know how to approach, think and plan for your styled shoot from start to finish. 

- Have the tools and knowledge to brainstorm in a productive and strategic way to help you execute.

- Learn how to reach out to vendors, collaborators and companies that align with your vision.  

- All this - a $99 value - for just $89.

Never worry about what to say in your emails again.

GET THE BUNDLE! Get the bundle! Get the bundle! GET THE BUNDLE!

My brain loves the bullet point format which makes it easy to digest and more enjoyable to read! These guides are beyond helpful.

Blake is clearly very knowledgable on this subject and I’m so happy I have access to a small part of his big brain!! I can’t wait to start applying all his tips and tricks to my next styled shoot!

"My favorite part is that they are straight to the point."

- Bianca Dueno

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Are your guides digital products?


Yes! They are available as digital downloads, which can be printed if you’d like.

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You get to keep it forever! Refer back to your education from me anytime that you’d like.

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