The Styled Content Planning Tools

Checklists and timelines are my main planning tools to keep me on track and make sure I am logistically able to execute a vision.

Although the creative process is integral to actually making photos that you are proud of and excited about, the logistical details that are necessary to arrive to that point sometimes get overlooked in the excitement of shoots.

These tools will help you build your own repeatable process and bring your project to life with ease and precision, every time. 

An overview of all the planning tools you need.

Planning Timelines

See the rate at which my planning process typically moves at and the steps that I am taking to put together the shoot as the project date approaches.

Vendor Outreach Pipeline

How I keep track of collaboration inquiries and where they are at in the process to join my team for the shoot.


A template and example of my storyboard process (+ a final shot list template).

Shoot Checklist

Everything that I walk through logistically to ensure that I am prepared for my shoots.

To dream a beautiful concept comes naturally for most artists. To take that dream and make it a reality from the nitty gritty to actualization requires a finer set of skills and determination. 

In Blake's Guide to Styled Content, he outlines an exact, replicable and insightful process that will set you up for success and give you more time to create. Even as a seasoned artist and photographer, I enjoyed Blake's guides and took away valuable information!

"Even as a seasoned artist and photographer, I enjoyed Blake's guides and took away valuable information!"

- Brooke Taelor 

- Have a structured timeline in place, months before your project date, to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

- Craft a storyboard from our template in a way that will fully articulate to yourself and your team the true vision.

- Make planning stress-free and efficient, leaving more time for creativity.

- All this - a $99 value - for just $89.

Have every tool you need to create with confidence.

GET THE BUNDLE! Get the bundle! Get the bundle! GET THE BUNDLE!

Styling and planning shoots can often be daunting. Between balancing coordination and prepping creatively, there’s a lot to keep in mind! Art can only be spontaneous when there is adequate planning involved. So, if you’ve been struggling to bring your photoshoot visions to life, these guides are the perfect place to start! 

"Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newer photographer, Blake’s guides provide amazing insight into his dynamic workflow."

- rachel Leiner

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